Gail Hutson

Beginning her radio career with Maidstone hospital radio (HRM) in 2001, and subsequently winning ‘BEST NEWCOMER’ in 2002, Gail has spent part of the past fifteen years or so getting alongside patients through their headphones. Following life changing brain surgery in 1991 resulting in a continuous in-patient stay of eight months, she was now a half paralysed half blind wheelchair user. Yet it was at this low life point that she found that she “had a voice” It’s here on Radio Wey that you can listen to an eclectic mix of music (the original style Radio 2!) ‘When Mrs H plays S’. Sinatra, Sonata, Sixties, Seventies, Stage, Screen Spiritual, Smoothie and Sax. “A little bit of this, a little bit of that but DEFINITELY none of ……..” (tune in for answer!) The dubbed ‘Queen of Cheese’ may also entertain you with a ‘playful playlist’, or even cleverly tell a tall story using song titles. Join Gail for a radio experience like NO other, leaving the pain behind, you’ll be groaning again but this time with a wry smile on your face!